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What is a stealth overnighter in a van?

A stealth overnighter in a van typically refers to the practice of sleeping in a van overnight without drawing attention to oneself or the fact that the van is being used for sleeping. This is often done in urban areas where it may not be legal to park and sleep in a vehicle, or where the individual may not want to draw attention to themselves.

To achieve a stealthy overnighter, the van might be modified to look inconspicuous or blend in with other vehicles on the street. This may involve avoiding brightly colored or distinctive vehicles, or covering windows to avoid drawing attention. The person may also take steps to minimize noise and light to avoid disturbing others or drawing attention to themselves.

Overall, the goal of a stealth overnighter is to be able to sleep safely and comfortably in a van while minimizing the risk of being detected or causing any disturbance. It is a popular practice among those who live a nomadic lifestyle or who enjoy traveling and camping in their vehicles.